everyone joins inthose who wish to help paint the wallsthe picture format fits the alcoveand there’s a lovely outcomethis is funmotivated residents painting the mural
now the large cupboards no longer look boring and the room is lighterand growsslowly the number of triangles growsand carefully stuck onthe foil is patiently cut-outwe need lots of triangles of sticky foil to decorate the closet
at the kick-off meetingnext door, everything is being freshly painted, wooden strips are fitted, together with a magnetic board and smaller, self-made pictures
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The Art of Nina Stemmler
and there’s a lovely outcome
One important point: in addition to our broad range of craftsmanship and artistic know-how we also offer many years of experience of working with mentally and bodily disabled people as well as the organisation of groups.
Do you want to improve your residential home as well? Then just ring us up. We look forward to hearing from you. The next series of pictures show examples from a project week
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