Hellís Door (2006)Woman and Child (2009)Two Women (2005)Small pregnant women (2009)Raindrops (2004)Two Dancing (2005)
Yellow Back (2005)The Revolution (2009)Argument (2008)Elves and Goblins (2008)Blue Woman (2009)Woman crouching in red (2008)
Three before the City (2005)Violence (Attack...) (2009)3 Blue Figures (2009)Abstract Frog (2004)
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The Art of Nina Stemmler
Acrylic Paintings
Please ask for prices, but you can also borrow my work.

Pieces costing less that Ä400 are tax deductible as office adornments.

Your personal photos can be used as the basis for an acrylic painting (in your desired colours as well). For example, individual landscape paintings of holiday photos or a picture of fantasy animals for children for the entrance to a language school have already been created like this.
The pages of the painted books can also serve as the motifs for larger formats.
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